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Infinite Balance Massage

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...balancing mind, body, and soul; individual, family, and community.

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My goal is simple, yet profound: To help restore balance in the world! Or at least I would like to do my little part by helping my clients find balance in mind, body, and soul through the healing power of massage therapy. I believe there is potential for great power, change, shift and healing to occur through the simple and ancient art of healthy touch. Through a combination of sound academic knowledge of the body, spiritual intention in practice, and healing power of touch my practice focuses on helping achieve balance in mind, body, and soul; individual, family, and community. 

Clients come from all walks of life with a variety of goals. From young children finding skills to manage anxiety and symptoms of autism, adults overcoming symptoms of PTSD, youth and adults seeking relief from aching and tight muscles, and people of all ages simply wanting to slow down and relax their mind & body...Infinite Balance Massage works with each individual client to create a client-centered session where your goals become my goals.