Infinite Balance Massage

"I recently had the pleasure of receiving one of the best massages I have ever had. From being greeted and walked up to the studio, I felt calm & relaxed, with my first step inside. Donald took the time to explain his process and made sure I knew what to expect. The most impressive thing was the fact that he seemed to naturally know when to apply more pressure and when to back off. I did not spend the entire hour telling him where I needed more or less pressure. I was able to just relax and enjoy."

"Donald's professional, holistic approach to massage therapy is a meaningful addition to my well-being journey. Make this a regular part of your self-care practices....your body and mind will thank you."

"Donald is a gifted massage therapist. My husband had a pinched nerve and was barely able to function. Nothing was helping him...until he went for a massage. Donald provided the perfect balance of caution (to not injure further, and account for the pain meds he was on), and thoroughness. Vance had immediate relief, and went back for a second massage the next week. This time, no pain meds were in use and Donald was able to provide a deeper massage. It gave him excellent results, as well. His studio is so peaceful and relaxing, and he has such a positive and professionally caring vibe, that you will start to relax before the massage even starts! Highly recommend."

"I've had two massage by Donald and cannot wait for more! My favorite was the massage I got after I ran my first half-marathon. Donald customized my massage to focus on the tense/sore muscles in my legs. When I left the session, the soreness was completely gone and my flexibility was back. He also gave me tips and showed me some stretches to do immediately after my runs. I can't wait to get more massages!"