Infinite Balance Massage

30 Minutes60 Minutes90 Minutes
Swedish/Deep Tissue$40$60$85
Wellness Plan*
Hot & Cold StoneN/A$75$100

*Monthly Wellness Plan:

One (1) 60-minute massage/month, 2 upgrades per year, 1 "Share the Health" gift certificate to share

Quarterly Wellness Plan:

One (1) 60-minute massage/quarter, 1 upgrade per year, 1 "Share the Health" gift certificate to share

We can bring our specially designed massage chairs into your place of work to provide relief from daily stress, repetitive motion stress or simply as a morale boost to show appreciation for your employees. One client at a local healthcare company says, "this is the second best day of the month to work here, second only to payday!" 

Whether your child is involved in sports, experiences anxiety or lies "on the spectrum" to include ADD/ADHD, Autism, etc. Massage could be helpful. Infinite Balance Massage founder, Donald Taylor, combines nearly two decades of experience working with youth including being a parent to provide an emotionally and physically safe session and incorporates learning opportunities for both the child and parent. Please contact us to discuss your individual child and the potential benefits massage may have for them. 

At Infinite Balance Massage, we incorporate elements of Swedish Massage with the inherent healing qualities found in ancient basalt or marble stones (basalt for heat; marble for cold). Infinite Balance Massage fuses traditional Swedish with Hot/Cold Stone to increase effectiveness. Hot stones are heated to a soothing and therapeutic 125 degrees while cold stones are chilled in an ice-water bath. The result can be a very soothing, relaxing and effective treatment. It is recommended stone therapy sessions be scheduled for 90 minutes for maximum effect. 

This is the most "common" form of Massage and includes a variety of strokes to provide maximum relief to your muscles, fascia (tissue surrounding muscles), nervous system, etc. Pressure can be adjusted to your desired outcomes and sensitivities from light to deep. The idea of "deep tissue" is a bit of a misnomer in that we provide specific muscle work at the depth that will yield the outcomes you desire. 

Chair & Corporate Massage:

Pediatric/Adolescent Massage:

Hot & Cold Stone Therapy:

Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage: